Modern Light Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

Modern Light Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

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Modern Light Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

Product Performance:
1. With slow heating, smooth starting, high safety, waterproof, explosion-proof, and other characteristics.
2. Motor built-in temperature protector: when the temperature is too high, the motor automatically cut off the power, to protect the motor.
3. Year manual clutch: power failure can be manually decoupled from the clutch, easy to use.
4. Anti-stroke design: When the door body reaches the stroke, only press the button in the opposite direction, the motor can only act to prevent the stroke.
5. Motor time protection: to avoid motor trip failure for a long time, the default time is 90 seconds, which can be adjusted.
6. Automatic shutdown] function: the time can be adjusted from 1-250 seconds.
7. Motor strength adjustment: can adjust the motor running thrust, to prevent motor overload, so as to play a role in protecting the motor.
8. Infrared anti-pinch function: can be equipped with an additional infrared probe to achieve the rebound function when encountered (infrared probe is an optional accessory).
9. Encounter rebound strength adjustment: can be adjusted through the knob encounter rebound strength, to close the door] process of anti-pinch role.


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