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AC1300KG rolling door motor used for industrial shutter

AC1300KG rolling door motor used for industrial shutter

AC1300KG Rolling Door Motor with 550W copper wire winding

with 4 relays, 4 limit switch                   

basic function AC receiver+2 remote control 

With push button, manual chain 5M

Discs: 6inch

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AC1300KG rolling door motor used for industrial shutter

Main application areas:

The copper wire winding shutter motor is mainly used to lift of 7 meters width aluminum alloy,galvanized steel, hollow iron material shutter doors

The height of the shutter door is 8-9 meters.     

When the copper wire winding motor runs continuously for 10-11 minutes and the temperature reaches about 108 degrees Celsius, it will be thermal protected and automatically stop running.             

Accessories features:     

  1. Relay: For AC1300kg, generally equipped with 4 relays. The function of the relay is mainly to control the up and down stroke of the motor. During the up process, the relay on one side will light up; On the way down, the relay on the other side lights up; More stable in the process of use.
  2. Bridge cone: The bridge cone is also called a rectifier bridge. Its function is to convert the voltage of the brake disc into a stable voltage. In addition, it also has the function of lightning protection. When lightning strikes, it has the function of lightning protection. , protect the motor from damage.
  3. Limiter: To adjust the height of the rolling shutter door in the process of up and down, the conventional configuration is 4 micro switches.
  4. Gear box: We can see that there are two gears, one large and one small, in the gear box, the primary and secondary gears. We need to apply lubrication oil on the surface of the gear. The function of the lubricant is to reduce friction when the gear is running and reduce the sound of the motor during use.             Product item: AC1300KG

    Motor Color: Customized Color

    Remote control: 2pcs per set

    Limit Switch: 4Pcs

    Protection Class: IP44

    Certificate: CE / ISO9001

    Lifting Force: 1300KG

    Rated Power: 550W

    Rated Voltage /Frequency: 220V/ 50Hz


    1) 4 relays to make motors work more stable and big lifting power. 

    2) 100% copper wiring makes Motors with larger capacity, stable current and durable character.

    3) 4 Micro switches in limit utensil for correct control, easy operation and big control range.

    4) An anti-drop device in bracket board to prevent accidental injury and ensure safety.

    5) Motors can be customized based on your requirements.

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