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DC300KG rolling door motor with battery backup

DC300KG rolling door motor with battery backup

DC300KG Rolling Door Motor with 200W copper wire winding

with 4 limit switch                   

basic function DC controller with 2pcs remote control 

With push button, manual chain 3M

Bracket size: 495*280*3.0mm, side plate 280*280*3.0mm

Big sprocket: 47 teeth, shaft 170*35mm, Discs: 4inch     

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DC300KG rolling door motor with battery backup

Main application areas:         

Copper wire winding shutter motor is mainly used to lift 4 meters wide galvanized steel, hollow iron, aluminum alloy material shutter door, shutter door height is below 5 meters.             

When the copper wire winding motor runs continuously for 7-8 minutes and the temperature reaches about 108 degrees Celsius, it will be thermal protected and automatically stop running.             

Accessories features:           

1.Limiter: adjusts the height of the rolling shutter door during the up and down process. The conventional configuration is two micro switches; some customers require four, and the other two are spare. When a problem occurs, it can work normally.

2.Gear box: We can see that there are two gears, one large and one small, in the gear box, the primary and secondary gears. We need to apply lubrication oil on the surface of the gear. The function of the lubricant is to reduce friction when the gear is running and reduce the sound of the motor during use. 

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Products Feature:
1. Potente fuerza inicial
2. Trabajar demasiado por poco tiempo
3. Protección contra sobrecalentamiento
4. La unidad de interruptor de límite permite un ajuste preciso de la puerta en las posiciones hacia arriba y hacia abajo
5. Tanto las operaciones eléctricas como las manuales están disponibles.
6. Cadena de liberación en caso de corte de energía
7. El control remoto externo está disponible
8. Dispositivo de seguridad para evitar daños a personas o vehículos en caso de rotura de la cadena de transmisión.
9. Can be connected with backup battery.

Product item: DC300KG

Motor Color: Customized Color

Remote control: 2pcs per set

Limit Switch: 4Pcs

Protection Class: IP44

Certificate: CE / ISO9001

Lifting Force: 300KG

Rated Power: 200W

Rated Voltage /Frequency: 24V/ 50Hz             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Packing Details: Two cartons per set: One for motor , one for bracket .

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