300KG roller shutter door motor

300KG roller shutter door motor

Rolling Shutter Door Motor-  AC type

Rolling door motor refers to an electromagnetic device based on the law of electromagnetic induction to achieve the conversion or transmission of electric energy (motor is also commonly known as the engine). Its main role is to generate driving torque, as electrical appliances or a variety of mechanical power source. Its main role is to use electrical energy into mechanical energy.


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Roller Shutter Door Motor 

Characteristics :
1. Suitable for all kinds of roller shutter door
2. Low noise operation
3. Reliable performance, stable and safe
4. Location accuracy less than 1.5 centimeter
5. Roller shutter door may be opened and closed by remote control
6. According to lifting capacity, range from 300KG,600KG,800KG,1000KG,1300KG,1500KG, 2000KG
7. Accessories: Chain, Gear, Chain Plate, Driving plate, Bracket for bearing ,Shaft , End Plate, Bearing


Product item: AC300KG

Motor Color: Customized Color

Remote control: 2pcs per set

Limit Switch: 4Pcs

Protection Class: IP44

Certificate: CE / ISO9001

Lifting Force: 300KG

Rated Power: 180W

Rated Voltage /Frequency: 220V/ 50Hz
Motor configuration
1) 4 relays to make motors work more stable and big lifting power. 

2) 100% copper wiring makes Motors with larger capacity, stable current and durable character.

3) 4 Micro switches in limit utensil for correct control, easy operation and big control range.

4) An anti-drop device in bracket board to prevent accidental injury and ensure safety.

5) Motors can be customized based on your requirements.
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