automatic rolling shutter motor price

automatic rolling shutter motor price

Definition of Tubular Motors

The tubular motor is a high-performance tubular motor, including a tubular casing and a drive assembly supported in the tubular casing by a bearing seat, a brake assembly and a stroke control assembly. The tubular motor has a small footprint and low energy consumption. The advantages of fast start-up are widely used in various motor lift doors and windows, sunshade systems, projection screens and other products.

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  • Classified according to the size of the round tube: 35 motors, 45 motors, 59 motors, 92 motors, etc.
  • according to the operating principle of the stroke part when the power is off: standard tubular motor, hand-operated tubular motor, chain tubular motor, clutch tubular motor and resistance tubular motor, etc.

Packaging & Delivery:
Packing Details: Two cartons per set,one carton for motor,another one for bracket.
Delivery Details: Delivery within 15 work days after receiving the deposit.

automatic rolling shutter motor price

Type: Garage Door Openers Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland) Brand Name: ROLLING SHUTTER MOTOR
Model Number: TH DC24V  Voltage: 220V±10% Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 180W Lifting Force: 300Kg Output Torque:168N.m
Color: selectable(Red/blue/yellow/gray etc) Transmitter: 2 Code: learning/fixed/DIP/rolling code
Bracket size: 500*280*3.0mm for standard Side plate size: 240*220*3.0 for standard


In order to provide better service and to ensure the personal safety of the user and the service life of the product, please make sure to specify before installation. Customers must strictly comply with the safety standards.

Rolling door motors use 220V (can be adjusted according to your country's needs). Installation and wiring must comply with building standards and electrical standards. The power supply must be connected to a good outlet on the ground, it is not allowed to take out the power cord to ground lead, and the outlet should be 1.3 meters from the ground to prevent children from playing.

The controller should be installed in the operating range, and the distance from the ground should not be less than 1.5 meters to prevent children from touching. The controller should be away from all moving objects around the door.

The external power cord from the controller to the roller shutter motor should not be allowed to be lengthened.

Do not allow children to operate and play with the controller, keep the remote control away from children.

When using the remote control to control the rolling door motor, make sure the door is closed before leaving.

Do not allow standing or straddling under the door when the rolling door motor is working.

It is not allowed to put your hand on the link of the door panel or near the guide rail.

Check the power system of the rolling door motor regularly to ensure that its movement is not impeded.

If there is a major problem with the door, please contact a professional repairer.

When the remote control distance is getting closer, please replace the battery of the transmitter.

If the roller shutter door motor is broken, please do not disassemble it at will, please contact professional maintenance personnel.

When installing, please pay attention to whether there is input power (control box of the indicator) to the rolling door motor. Installation with power on is not allowed.

It is not allowed to wear rings, watches, or loose clothing during installation. And please use a sturdy wooden ladder.

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales service of electric door rollers, rolling gate motors, rolling door motors (200kg~1500kg) and AC/DC door rollers, remote controls, reserve power supply, and other products, mastering the core technology and wise quality products.

The factory has many years of technical reserves and experience accumulation while having a number of excellent senior R & D engineers familiar with the assembly from accessories to the whole process, a strong technical force. Therefore, we have the ability to provide customers with solutions for each special supporting rolling door, to ensure that each ex-factory products are through a rigorous examination and provide the user with satisfactory products.

Our products are made of aluminum alloy shells with lightweight, low noise, a long life, strong power, safe and durable quality, exquisite appearance of remote control, reliable quality, easy installation, effective lightning protection, and anti-over-roll. It can be widely used in shopping malls, garages, warehouses, theaters, hotels, factories, and other kinds of doors to open and close, with electric and manual functions, and is the ideal product for modern buildings.

Our success comes from the relentless development and design of safer products. "Quality for survival, service for reputation, new products for development, management for efficiency" is the foundation of Jinli Mechanical and Electrical. We always adhere to the enterprise concept of "people based on sincerity, industry based on faith", and strive to improve quality, leading technology, brand strategy, and service ahead of the business policy, to establish the brand as the goal, to provide the best service for the purpose of business reputation, and the courage to develop and innovate. "Keep improving" is our spirit, and "quality service" is our consistent purpose.

Looking forward to a future full of light, Jinli door control with high standards of product quality, practical and favorable prices, sincerely welcome customers and friends to call to consult! We are willing to work together with elite colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create brilliance!

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