Is the rolling door motor DC or AC?

1. Is the rolling door motor DC or AC?

There are two kinds of motors: DC motor and AC motor. The rolling door motor is a special motor for rolling doors. So is it a DC motor or an AC motor?
It is understood that there are both DC and AC rolling door motors on the market. As for whether to use a DC rolling door motor or an AC rolling door motor, it mainly depends on the size of the door body:
The door body is relatively large, and the material of the door panel is relatively heavy. Generally, an AC motor is used, and the torque is relatively sufficient; the door body is relatively small, such as a general store door, and a DC motor is more suitable.
It is not only more convenient, but also can add reserve power, so it can still be used when the mains power is cut off.

2. What is the difference between AC motors and DC motors for rolling shutter doors?

There are AC motors and DC motors for rolling shutter doors. The main differences between the two types of rolling door motors are:

1. The external power supply is different

The DC rolling door motor uses DC as the power supply; the AC rolling door motor uses AC as the power supply.

2. Different structure

The DC rolling door motor passes direct current and does not directly generate a rotating magnetic field. It relies on the commutator that rotates with the rotor to change the direction of the current entering the rotor at any time, so that the rotation
The polarity of the magnetic field between the stator and the stator is always opposite, so that the rotor can rotate; and the AC rolling door motor, because it uses alternating current, as long as the stator coil is arranged in phase, it will automatically rotate.
Then a rotating magnetic field will be generated.

Is the rolling door motor DC or AC?


Is the rolling door motor DC or AC?



3. Different principles

The DC rolling door motor does not move in the magnetic field, and the conductor moves in the magnetic field: the AC rolling door motor rotates in the magnetic field, but the conductor does not move.

4. Different speed regulation

The DC rolling door motor can achieve smooth and economical speed regulation without the cooperation of other equipment, as long as the input or excitation voltage and current are changed, the speed regulation can be realized; while AC
The motor of the flow shutter door cannot complete the speed regulation by itself, and needs to use the frequency conversion equipment to realize the speed change.

5. Different maintenance

The principle of the DC rolling door motor is relatively simple, but the structure is complex and inconvenient for dry maintenance: the principle of the AC rolling door motor is complicated, but the structure is relatively simple, and the motor
The machine is easy to maintain.

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