DC 500kg Best Sold Garage Door Opener

DC 500kg Best Sold Garage Door Opener

Rolling Shutters are a next generation light-duty door solution that is versatile enough for specialty uses and has a space-saving design, making it perfect for installations with limited side room and headroom. Multiple perforation and fenestration options allow for many configurations with the right amount of light and air passage. Versatile and attractive, the shutter is perfect for security in high pedestrian traffic areas. Heavily visited areas such as retail stores, pharmacies and hospitals often need the security that a security shutter door offers as well as the flexibility in the aesthetic options to match the surrounding environment.

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The use of rolling shutter doors

Are widely used for openings and closing the rolling shutter door of  industrial door, supermarket door, commercial door, storehouse, cinema, hotel and so on, It can be operated by electricity and manual.

How to operarte the rolling shutter motor:

1) Press the rolling door button, power will be driven, allowing the shutters to open and close safely. Positioning of the mechanism must be in an accurate and reliable position.
 2) When the power is off, use either the hand chain that is elevating the rolling door or the hand lever that is beside the mechanism to close the shutters. This will cause the shutters to lower to the ground.
 3) The motor of the mechanism features overheating protection.
 4) The rolling door includes a remote function, which allows the device to be contolled from up to 10 meters. If the mechanism is positioned in an awkward spot, then the remote will only be able to function from a distance of less than 5 millimeters.
 5) The transmission design of the mechanism has a reasonable design, although the gear will not be easy to use as it uses advanced technology to operate the system. On the other hand the mechanism is durable and has little to no noise while in operation.
 6) The Rolling door features a constant speed function. which is positioned 10 millimeters from the device.
 7) The motor that starts the mechanism has some torque. The Electric Roller shutters are meant to operate for a short period of time. Use of the electric rollers must only be up to or less than 5 Minutes.
 8) The mechanism incorporates anti-theft devices such as a radio and an easy to use remote.


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