Most popular AC 600 Automatic Door Operators rolling shutter motor For Garage

Most popular AC 600 Automatic Door Operators rolling shutter motor For Garage

AC-600kg, The rated lifting strength is not meant for the door lifting, the resistance of the door and the load margin of the door shutter machine should be considered; So the door panel weight should below 600kg.

If you need the new one with the whole set, including motor, main engine, accessory,telecontroller( bracket, chain, large sprocket...)The motor model needs to be estimated according to the size of the door.
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  1. Nice designs with powerful drive.
  2. With overheat protection, overload protection.
  3. Easy to install and maintain, long useful life.
  4. Can operate by remote control, push button, and manual chain.
  5. Can work with UPS, so without worry about power off.
  6. With Chain-break protection device, also can work with safety brake, ensure the safety of your life and property.
  7. bracket size:500*280*3.0/ 280*280*3.0, 495*280*3.0/280*280*3.0, also other size can be choose.

A whole set of AC motor includs one motor, bracket system and remote control (one receiver and two transmitters).

  1.  AC motor from 300KG to 1500KG.
  2.  With 2 or 4 micro switches as you like.
  3.  With 2 or 4 relays as you like.
  4.  Copper wire or aluminum wire as you like.
  5.  Accessories size customized.
  6.  With Anti-drop bracket system. 
  7. With CE, CCC, and ISO certifications.

    Main specifications and parameters



    AC rolling shutter motor        1Phase:220v, 3Phase:380v
    AC200KG(1Phase)             180W              Alu wire
    AC 300KG(1Phase)             180W/200W        Alu wire/Copper wire
    AC400KG(1Phase)             200W/250W        Alu wire/Copper wire
    AC500KG(1Phase)             250W              Alu wire/Copper wire
    AC600KG(1Phase)             300W              Alu wire/Copper wire
    AC700KG(1Phase)             350W              Alu wire/Copper wire
    AC800KG(1Phase)             370W/400W        Alu wire/Copper wire
    AC1000KG(1Phase/3Phase)     550W              Alu wire/Copper wire
    AC1300KG(3Phase)            600W             Copper wire
    AC1500KG(3Phase)            600W             Copper wire      
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