DC 24V Rolling Shutter Door Motor

DC 24V Rolling Shutter Door Motor

Factory direct sales wholesale full set of copper core 24V DC with storage type external rolling door motor

We offer customized services and can provide you with specific requirements for different countries, including packaging, accessories, motors, power supplies, plugs, etc.

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Rolling Door Motor with UPS 24V DC 200-2000kg Roll-Up Door Motor

Factory direct sales 24V DC rolling door motor, backup power full set of electric rolling door motor

We offer customized services and can provide you with specific requirements for different countries, including packaging, accessories, motors, power supplies, plugs, etc.


1. Compact construction, large torque, and running without noise.
2. With the national patent of Chain-break protection.
3. The motor will not burn down for the protection of the thermal effect
4. Separate circuit control ensures the security
5. Safety brake, accurate limited control positioning, with double limit switch protection, prevent door over roll-up.
6. UPS automatic system is available, No bother of power failure
7. Can work with remote controller
8. Easy to install, easy to maintain, and long useful life.

Our Service

We are a professional rolling door motor manufacturer, and our supply chain is very advantageous, we are located in Zhangzhou City, China, and almost all the world's rolling door motor production on this side, we started in 2001, focusing on research and development, production of a variety of rolling door motor, our production quality assurance, the right price, service in place, we have a perfect customer service team, and technical research and development team, we will definitely be the supplier you want to find.
Any inquiry/question will be replied to within 24 hours during working days.
Sample order is available.

Part of the product technical parameters, accept customization, please contact us

 AC     output torque(n/m) output speed(r/min)    
TH-300-1P 200 300 168 5.2 6 220V
TH-400-1P 250 400 168 5,.2 6 220V
TH-500-1P 250 500 343 6.2 6 220V
TH-600-1P 370 600 412 5.2 6 220V
TH-800-1P 400 800 647 3.4 9 220V
TH-1000-1P 400 1000 1102 6.5 9 220V
TH-800-3P 300 800 647 3.4 9 380V
TH-1000-3P 400 1000 1102 6.5 9 380V
TH-1300-3P 600 1300 1372 6.5 9 380V
TH-1500-3P 600 1500 1610 5.7 9 380V
 DC DC 24V
DC 300KG 200 300 168 3.7 6 220V
DC 500KG 240 500 343 4.6 6 220V
DC 600KG 240 600 412 4.2 9 220V
DC-800KG 380 800 647 3.9 9 220V

Packaging & Delivery

(Packing Details: Two cartons per set: One for the motor, one for the bracket.
Delivery Details: Delivery within 20 work days after receiving the deposit

Our Product Advantages:

High-quality platen type long stroke limiters
Pressure plate guide: the limit is not easy to run out of position, the parts fit each other with high precision, tight, and noiseless.
The nut is not easy to slip, and the positioning is accurate and reliable.
Screws: precision rolled, high precision, good strength, and wear resistance.
Nut: high density, hard material, small resistance, wear resistance, accurate positioning.

Four relays, lightning protection, and more safety
All use big brand-quality relays, not low-quality relays.
Four relays, lightning safer, contact silver copper alloy
Advantages: not easy to bond cause misoperation.

Relay fixed high-quality structural steel stamping reinforcement
The use of high-quality steel plate stamping five reinforcing bars, wire interface pressed out of the arc, to protect the wire, not to wear out.
Advantages: high-quality steel plate stamping, cold hardening, high strength, and hardness, not easy to deform; the plastic sheet/iron plate can not be compared.

High-quality bearing, special bearing steel
Special-bearing steel is used.
Advantages: special material for bearings, more wear-resistant, more difficult to deform, the ball is not easy to break, is incomparable with carbon steel and iron.

The copper core brake coil
Copper wire's conductivity, tensile strength, electric loss rate, and other indicators are better than aluminum's! Save electricity.
Button box contacts, all using silver-copper alloy
Silver-copper alloy has good electrical conductivity, high hardness, wear resistance corrosion resistance, and resistance to bonding. The ordinary iron contacts can not be compared.

High-quality high-strength transmission mandrel
Good weldability, wear resistance, good high-temperature resistance, and anti-rust performance.

With the development of technology, from the traditional hand-pulled rolling doors / rolling gates to today's use of automated electric rolling doors / rolling gates, the power of technology is nothing but to make what we want to do more convenient, and sometimes to achieve the introduction to what was once fantasy, such as aircraft. Smart watches, smart robots ......

Electric rolling door also with technology step by step in the change, from the initial just a simple electric rolling door. Now, we in order to consider some practical requirements, such as "more security", this time Taiheng roller shutter motor factory brought an "infrared to shoot security device", that can achieve the stop / rebound in case of obstruction, what does it mean? Is in the original electric rolling shutter door based on the addition of an infrared shooting device, so that in some emergency situations will automatically stop descending or back up the rolling shutter door, such as just when the electric rolling shutter door closed, some children just to the rolling shutter door under the walk, at this time, the infrared shooting device sensed, will start the emergency plan, so that the electric rolling shutter door / rolling shutter door to stop running or back up the rolling shutter door. This ensures personal safety.

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