tubular roller 35mm-92mm

tubular roller 35mm-92mm

Tubular Motor for Automatic Window Roller Shutters

Kind: Accessories
Structure: Vertical
Open Type: Electric
Style: Modern
Usage: Living Room, Bedding Room, Bathroom, Office, Kitchen
Material: Metal
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tubular roller 35mm-92mmtubular roller 35mm-92mm

Tubular rolling door motor limiter adjustment method: 

a. Turn on the power, turn the motor to the other end of the stop state (meaning the closed state after the door and window are installed), and cut off the power.

b. will do a good job of the curtain sheet from the top of the drive shaft into the track, after the completion, the door and window should be in a closed state.

c. Fix the curtain sheet and drive shaft. First determine the fixing screws, which should be evenly distributed along the drive shaft, and ensure that the length of the motor end fixing screws on the drive shaft after the curtain piece is fixed as a whole should ensure that the motor shell is not damaged (the gap is not less than 5 mm)

d. After the curtain sheet is fixed with the drive shaft, check whether the connection is firm and whether the force is balanced.

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tubular roller 35mm-92mm
tubular roller 35mm-92mm


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