600kg 24V DC rolling door motor roller door motors Auto Car Garage Door Motor

600kg 24V DC rolling door motor roller door motors Auto Car Garage Door Motor

DC type Rolling Shutter Door Motor Feature

1. Powerful starting strength
2. Overworking for a short time
3. Overheat Protection
4. Limit switch unit enables precise adjustment of door in up and down positions
5. Both electric and manual operations are available
6. Release chain in case of power failure
7. External remote controller is available
8. Safety device for preventing people or vehicle from damage in case of drive chain is break off.
9. Can be connected with backup battery.
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DC type Rolling Shutter Door Motor

Rolling door motor refers to an electromagnetic device based on the law of electromagnetic induction to achieve the conversion or transmission of electric energy (motor is also commonly known as the engine). Its main role is to generate driving torque, as electrical appliances or a variety of mechanical power source. Its main role is to use electrical energy into mechanical energy.


Roller Shutter Door

Rolling shutter door (rolling gate) is a door with multiple joints connected in series. In a fixed slide, the door rotates up and down with the scroll above the door as the center. Rolling shutter door and wall play the same role as horizontal separation, it is composed of curtain plate, seat plate, guide rail, support, scroll, box, control box, rolling door machine, limit device, lintel, manual speed release device, button switch and safety device 13 parts, generally installed in inconvenient parts separated by the wall.

DC600KG shutter motor specification

Product item: DC600KG

Motor Color: Customized Color

Remote control: 2pcs per set

Limit Switch: 4Pcs

Protection Class: IP44

Certificate: CE / ISO9001

Lifting Force: 600KG

Rated Power: 240W

Rated Voltage /Frequency: 24V/ 50Hz
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