Tubular Engine

Tubular Engine

Tubular motor characteristic:
Small size, light weight,good concealment,stable and durable;
Beautiful appearance, easy to operate, easy to install;
Torsion spring which can increase the lifting strength of the rolling shutter door, is optional;

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Rolling shutter motor curtain motor 35 tubular motor large torque rolling shutter door and window motor

Tubular motor Series
Series Model Dia applied  Type Torque N.m

35 Series

S35 35mm Oct-40 Standard+Mechanical Limited Switch  6~10
S35R 35mm Oct-40 Remote Control + Mechanical Limited Switch  6~10
S35E 35mm Oct-40 Remote Control + ELectronic Limited Switch  + Automatic Switch-off 6~10

45 Series

S45 45mm Oct-60 Standard+Mechanical Limited Switch  20~60
S45M 45mm Oct-60 Manual Override + Mechanical Limited Switch  20~60
S45R 45mm Oct-60 Remote Control + Mechanical Limited Switch   20~50
S45RM 45mm Oct-60 Manual Override +Remote Control + Mechanical End Stroke 20~50
S45E 45mm Oct-60 Remote Control + ELectronic Limited Switch  + Automatic Switch-off 20~50

59 Series

S59 59mm Oct-70 Standard+Mechanical Limited Switch  60~150
S59M 59mm Oct-70 Manual Override + Mechanical Limited Switch  60~150
S59R 59mm Oct-70 Remote Control + Mechanical Limited Switch   60~120
92 Series S92M 92mm / Manual Override + Mechanical Limited Switch  170-550
We also accept customized requirements!

Company Introduces:

     Zhangzhou Taiheng  Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is located in Zhangzhou city, with advanced production and testing equipment so that we can control the quality. We are a professional manufacturer making rolling door motors, retractable door motors, sliding gate motors, and tubular door motors with over 15 years of experience, good quality, pretty reasonable price.
The area covers over 5000 square meters, Now our company has advanced automatic production lines and a perfect quality testing system. Our company is a professional rolling door machine and ancillary products; Our products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, and so on, more than 30 countries. Due to the stable quality, reasonable price, and we always insist on a good faith management quality guarantee. We get high praise from customers so we are having more and more customers!

TaiHeng Motor factory has strong technology and a perfect quality testing system. Our products have the features of safe, delicate, well-designed, convenient maintenance, and so on. Welcome to our factories for a visit. We believe we can make suitable products for you!

Product advantages:

The company's electric curtain machine, and intelligent curtain machine product advantages:
Special custom-made premium 220V DC motor. Fully sealed, has no temperature rise on the outside, super long life (10,000 hours), uniform bi-directional force, large torque, low noise, and accurate positioning. The annual power consumption in normal use is less than 1 degree, and it is the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric curtain product at present!

control method:
At present, three methods are adopted: panel manual control; infrared remote control; intelligent automatic control;
Manual control: there is a control panel on the power box, which can be adjusted up/stop/down according to customer needs, and can be positioned arbitrarily. Infrared remote control: control by infrared remote control at a distance of 18 meters (38 meters in an open area with a remote control angle of 40 degrees) Components (up/stop/down keys) give instructions to the host to complete the operation of the curtains.
Intelligent control: it means that the curtain machine is under the control of its own system. When the sun shines indoors, the curtains will automatically lower to prevent indoor furniture and electrical appliances from being damaged;! Feel refreshed!

Our tubular motors are novel in design, simple in structure, stable and reliable in performance, intelligent in function, easy to install, and easy to operate. Widely used in villas, families, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, conference halls, schools, government agencies, hospitals, and other places.

Motor parameters:

Input voltage: 100-240V wide voltage operation
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Host operating voltage: 120/230V
Host working current: 350mA
Host standby current: 10uA
Maximum load: 80KG
Maximum width: 6 meters
Maximum stroke: 8 meters
Outer tube diameter 95mm

Service and Guarantee:

Customers who need to purchase please contact the company for specific requirements and specifications when purchasing. This product is very convenient to install. Any customer who sees the product installation diagram can complete the installation by himself. Experience the fun of life and make your curtains show modernity The convenience that technology brings to you.
For all the products sold by the company's agents or directly, the company guarantees quality for one year in the case of non-human damage, and repairs any quality problems within one year; if there are quality problems within half a year, the company promises to replace them, and the products will Lifetime maintenance system

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