DC 500 coppr wire roller shutter motor replacement

DC 500 coppr wire roller shutter motor replacement

Electric rolling gate motor - divided by structure and working principle:

According to the structure and working principle, the rolling gate motor can be divided into DC motor, asynchronous motor and synchronous motor. a. Synchronous motors can be divided into: permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance synchronous motors and hysteresis synchronous motors. b. Asynchronous motors can be divided into: induction motors and AC commutator motors.

Divided by operating speed: high-speed motors, low-speed motors, constant-speed motors, and speed-regulating motors. Low-speed motors are further divided into gear reduction motors, electromagnetic reduction motors, torque motors and claw pole synchronous motors. Rolling gate motor speed control motors can be divided into step constant speed motors, stepless constant speed motors, step variable speed motors and stepless variable speed motors, and can also be divided into electromagnetic speed control motors, DC speed control motors, and PWM variable frequency motors. Speed motors and switched reluctance speed motors.

The rotor speed of an asynchronous motor is always slightly lower than the synchronous speed of the rotating field. The rotor speed of the synchronous motor has nothing to do with the size of the load and always maintains a synchronous speed.

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Electric rolling shutter motors - by application

Division of driving motors: motors for electric tools (including drilling, polishing, polishing, slotting, cutting, reaming, etc.), home appliances (including washing machines, electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, tape recorders, video recorders, DVD players ) , Vacuum cleaners, cameras, hair dryers, electric shavers, etc.) and other general-purpose small mechanical equipment (including various small machine tools, small machinery, medical equipment, electronic instruments, etc.)

Control motors are divided into: stepper motors and servo motors.

Electric rolling shutter motors - classified according to the type of working power supply

DC motors can be divided according to their structure and working principle: brushless DC motors and brushed DC motors. Brushed DC motors can be divided into: permanent magnet DC motors and electromagnetic DC motors. Electromagnetic DC motor division: series excited DC motor, shunt excited DC motor, separately excited DC motor and compound excited DC motor. Permanent magnet DC motor division: rare earth permanent magnet DC motor, ferrite permanent magnet DC motor and alnico permanent magnet DC motor. Among them, AC motors can also be divided into: single-phase motors and three-phase motors.

Rolling gates are divided according to the starting and running mode: capacitor starting single-phase asynchronous motor, capacitor running single-phase asynchronous motor, capacitor starting running single-phase asynchronous motor and split-phase single-phase asynchronous motor.

DC 500 coppr wire roller shutter motor replacement

Packaging & Delivery

(Packing Details: Two cartons per set: One for the motor, one for the bracket.

Delivery Details: Delivery within 20 work days after receiving the deposit

DC 500 coppr wire roller shutter motor replacement DC 500 coppr wire roller shutter motor replacement


1.Do you offer OEM service?


2.How long have you engaged in this industry?

A:We have been engaged in this industry for morn than 15 years.

3.What is your payment term?

A:30% deposite before production,70% balance before loading.

4.How long the product warranty period?

A.The product warranty period is 24 months.

    The remote control products is 24 months.

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