AC-400kg Auotmatic Roller Shutter Side Motors

AC-400kg Auotmatic Roller Shutter Side Motors

AC-400kg has two types: copper core and aluminum core. The lifting force is generally around 300kg. It is used in household rolling shutter doors, garage doors, supermarkets and other places.
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Product Details:

Brand Name:TH/OEM

Model Number:AC300kg One phase

Type:Automatic Rolling Gate Operators-ALU Wire/Copper wire

Usage:shopping centre,hotel,bank and other buildings

Rated Power:200W/250w


Lifting Force:400kg

Lifting height:4.5m

Control Way:remote control, wall button, manual chain

Material:Aluminum/ Copper


Certificate: ISO9001, CCC, Ce

Protection Class:IP44


AC rolling shutter motor  1 Phase: 220v,   3 Phase: 380V
AC200KG   ( 1Phase ) 180W  Alu wire
AC300KG   ( 1Phase ) 180W / 200W  Alu wire / Copper wire
AC400KG   ( 1Phase ) 200W / 250W  Alu wire / Copper wire
AC500KG   ( 1Phase ) 250W  Alu wire / Copper wire
AC600KG   ( 1Phase ) 300W  Alu wire / Copper wire
AC700KG   ( 1Phase ) 350W  Alu wire / Copper wire
AC800KG   ( 1Phase ) 370W/ 400W Alu wire / Copper wire
AC1000KG ( 1Phase/ 3Phase ) 550W  Copper wire
AC1300KG  ( 3Phase ) 600W  Copper wire
AC1500KG  ( 3Phase ) 600W  Copper wire
AC2000KG  ( 3Phase ) 800W  Copper wire

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